Ring Sizing

Some Quick Facts:

• Cost of average sizing: $27-$47
• Gold, Silver & Platinum are sizable
• Gold and Silver sizing takes just 1 Hour!
• Sizing won’t negatively affect the value or appearance of your rings.
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The Ring Sizing Process

  1. Properly measure the finger.
    Printed or paper ring-sizing guides are inaccurate and can result in a ring that doesn’t fit. You should be able to find and try on test rings at any jewelry seller. We offer finger sizing as a complimentary service here at our kiosk.
  2. Next the ring is cut and sized.
    If the ring is being sized up, material is added to the ring to preserve thickness and durability at the base of the shank. If the ring is being sized down, material is cut out of the ring. Usually the material cut out of a ring is melted back into the ring afterwards to preserve thickness and durability at the base.
  3. Finally the ring is cleaned and refinished.
    Any un-evenness where the sizing has been done is sanded smooth and all scratches are polished out. If the ring is white gold, it is given a fresh Rhodium plating. At the end of this step, the ring should look brand new again.

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Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about ring-sizing. If you have a question not listed here, please give us a call at (910) 868-6313. We’d be happy to answer it for you.

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How much does ring sizing cost?
The cost of ring sizing depends on several factors. The most important factor is the type of metal. At Jewelry Repair sizing yellow gold usually starts at around $25-$30, while white gold starts between $40-$50 due to the fact that it must be re-plated with rhodium (a rare white metal in the platinum family). Platinum, as it is a rarer and more difficult metal to work with, starts at between $70 and $100 to size. [back to top]

How long does ring sizing take?
We size rings here at our secure, glass-enclosed workbench at our kiosk within the hour. Other jewelry stores take between 2-6 weeks to complete repairs as they must send your jewelry off to a central service location. Our experienced jewelers are ready to talk to you face to face about your jewelry [back to top]

Does sizing affect the value of my ring?
The answer is no, provided it is done right. Rings are designed to be sized to fit their owner. At jewelry repair we always add material (gold, silver, or platinum depending on what the ring is made of) when we size rings in order to maintain the ring’s thickness and value. [back to top]

Do you add gold when sizing a ring up or do you stretch it?
We do not stretch any rings except for wedding bands. All other rings must have material added to them in order to be sized correctly. If you do not add material, the shank of the ring will be thinned out and prone to break. [back to top]

How many times can a ring be sized?
In the hands of a skilled jeweler, a ring can be sized almost infinitely. As long as you’ve chosen a good jeweler who will use the right karat metal and solder, and as long as the ring is properly cleaned before and after sizing, your ring will be able to be sized and re-sized as many times as necessary without affecting your ring’s quality. [back to top]

Why does white gold sizing cost more than yellow gold? Why does platinum sizing cost more?
White gold sizing costs more than yellow gold because it must be re-plated with rhodium (a rare ultra-white metal in the platinum family) whereas yellow gold needs no plating. Platinum sizing costs more because platinum itself is much more expensive than gold and because it requires greater skill to successfully work with. [back to top]

Will I be able to tell where my ring was sized?
No. At Jewelry Repair, we maintain the thickness and shape of your ring when we size it, carefully buffing and polishing your ring to make it look as if you bought it that size. [back to top]

My ring has delicate stones in it. Can it be sized?
We size rings that contain stones of all types here at Jewelry Repair. Some stones, however, are so delicate or they’re set in such a way that sizing is either risky or impossible. If you have a ring set with delicate stones, let us take a look at it and give you a free estimate and advice. [back to top]

My ring is fake/plated. Can it be sized?
Unless its white gold with a rhodium plating, we cannot size a plated ring at this time without ruining the plating. If there is precious metal underneath the plating (for example: silver plated with gold) we can remove all traces of the ruined plating to reveal the precious metal beneath. [back to top]

I have arthritis. Can a ring be sized to fit snug behind my knuckle?
There are a few options available for people who have big knuckles or arthritis. Some of these options are expensive, however, and require replacing the entire shank of the ring. Come by our kiosk and let our expert jewelers explain the available options and find a solution that works for you. [back to top]

I was told my ring couldn’t be sized because of the way the stones are set in it. Is this true?
Sometimes a ring cannot be sized without compromising the stone settings. We have to assess this on a case-by-case basis. Just because one jeweler says it can’t be done doesn’t mean that we can’t do it, and just because one jeweler says it can be done doesn’t mean we will think its worth the risk. As always, if you have any questions about your rings, bring them to our kiosk and let our expert jewelers take a look and explain the risks and options available to you. [back to top]

If my ring is unable to be sized, what are my options?
If a ring cannot be sized and the ring is too large, usually the solution is to put a ring guard on it. A ring guard is a piece of metal that mounts onto the shank to fit snugly against your finger. There might be other options available depending on your ring. Let us take a look and let you know what we think the best solution is. [back to top]

Can you use gold from one of my old pieces of jewelry to size up a ring?
Sometimes- provided the material is the same metal and karat. We do not recommend blending metals from two different rings because there is a loss of quality control. We will, however, be glad to give you a credit for any scrap gold towards the cost of sizing your ring. [back to top]

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What we do (in brief)
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  • Soldering rings together
  • Tightening stones
  • Replacing stones
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  • Prong repair, re-tipping
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